The only constant in the universe is change.

It’s a little cliche, but… there’s truth to it. Every day something new reveals itself; some aspect of life is shifting, adjusting, releasing.

I’m in the last section of my priestess training class. This month the curriculum comes together for one final, powerful roundup. We’re working on life purposes, channeling, and providing guidance. So, naturally, as I am preparing to teach this, the Universe has given me some new challenges to make sure I’m fresh on my material.

Add in the impending full moon in Scorpio, which brings intense, emotional energy, and Pluto retrograde, which challenges us to dig really, really deep into who we really are — and let’s just say, I’ve been on my toes.

starchild summer picI pulled some cards from my copy of the Starchild tarot to provide some guidance. I’m using the traditional horseshoe spread, with 7 cards. The center card fell out while I was shuffling — and I feel it really tied the whole message together.

First, the Ace of Swords represents the past. I see this card as the card of truth. Often, the truth hurts; but mostly it hurts because we do not want to be aware of certain things. It seems easier to ignore reality and not think about it too much. The Ace of Swords forces us to be aware of our actions, and how seemingly random things come together to lead us in a specific direction. So, we have recently come to a major realization about our lives and what we’ve been through up until this point.

Next the 4 of Cups represents our present outlook. Coming from a revelation, this card says we are still resisting. It’s harder to resist what we know, or what is really going on. It’s much easier instead to think about everything else – the future, the past, even to lose ourselves in our imagination, our goals and our dreams.

Third, Oppression (aka The Devil in other decks) represents hidden factors or influences. This card represents fear and doubt. It reminds us of the power behind our shadow aspects; those strange, unmentionable things that we know are there but don’t talk about. (Are you seeing a theme here?) The darkness loses its power when we accept that having a shadow is part of being connected to the light. It’s natural. But it’s also pervasive. This is something you’re likely experiencing and consciously resisting; it’s like, the thought will cross your mind and you might immediately change gears in an effort to avoid those thoughts.

In the center, the Knight of Wands shows us where we are blocked or what is in our way. This is interesting — the Knight of Wands represents movement and change. It’s saying that everything that’s happening now, around us, is actually what is blocking us and causing static. The energy of this card is also pretty unstable; this is the card I see when people are acting based on instinct, drive, and passion, without a plan or a goal in place. Be aware that acting without conscious intentions in your work right now is causing even more of an issue.

To the right of the center card, the Queen of Crystals (Pentacles) represents the positive influences at your disposal to help offset the blocks at hand. This card represents the necessity of planning, practicality, and dedication. Often the character on this card is a strong, worldly woman, who understands how the world works and how to get along within it without losing herself. She is also very grounded and realistic. Likewise, these skills will be handy to you as you focus on controlling your tendency to act without a plan.

The second to last card is Strength. This one represents the best course of action moving forward. Strength is a pretty self-explanatory card; I offer only that there is a difference between stubbornness and dedication. Where is the line for you? Where would that line need to be in order for you to move through this time in the most productive way?

Last, we are given a glimpse of how things are likely to turn out with the 4 of Wands. This is a great card for respite, for securing a place of rest or growth (like working on your home) – it’s also a chance for celebration of life and connections to what we love about our lives. It’s a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

Ultimately, the next week ahead isn’t likely to be too rough; but there are certain challenges I expect we’ll all be experiencing in our own ways. Keep your head on straight; the Scorpio energy tends to be a little disorienting and upsetting if you are not used to it. The good news is, Scorpio clears out the junk, so new stuff will be right around the corner 🙂


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