Do you have a question about how appointments work? Keep reading!

What happens during an appointment?

During a one-on-one session, you will meet at Jessica’s office in the Willowbrook Mall. The session will start with Jessica asking you a few questions – have you ever had a tarot reading before? What questions do you have for me? What would you like us to talk about today? etc – and then we will pick a deck, shuffle the cards, lay them out, and the reading begins.

Please allow extra time before and after your appointment, as appointments typically run a few minutes over your scheduled time. (You will not be charged for any of this.) Also, please do not bring a guest to your reading – these readings are supposed to be one-on-one. You are always free to share the recording of your readings with anyone you choose.

What if I’m not in Mason City? Can I have a phone appointment?

Absolutely! After you pay through Plasso, when you get directed to the scheduling page, just indicate somewhere in the form that you’d like a phone reading. Jessica will be in contact with you to get a phone number and to confirm your appointment time.

How do I know if an appointment is right for me?

Experiencing something like this is a very unique, very personal occurrence for everyone. It is a very sacred opportunity for someone to take a look at your life and what’s going on, and to provide you direction, clarity and motivation for whatever you are doing next. The people who benefit the most from these sessions are 1) willing to accept responsibility for their life, 2) wanting to make peace with their past, and 3) ready for a big shift in their life. If you feel you fit these three characteristics, you will definitely benefit from a reading.

Do I need to bring anything?

Nope – just an open mind! You will receive a digital recording of your reading as well as pictures of the cards, if you want, so you can refer to them later. You may, however, want to spend a few minutes before your appointment thinking about what you would like to ask the cards about. If you don’t have a specific question in mind, that’s okay, too!

How do I get an appointment?

You’ll first submit payment, then you will be directed to select a date and a time on my scheduling tool. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sign up or anything 🙂

What sort of things can I get a reading on?

You can get a reading on your spirituality, your business, your relationships, your dreams, your goals, the novel you’ve been thinking about writing – even your whole life. Generally, we do a whole ‘life reading’ when people come in for their first session and don’t have a specific question.

Jessica does not do readings on health, children under the age of 18, 3rd party readings (readings about people who are not present), legal issues, or sports events. She also does not do strictly-prediction based readings. Predictions can and do happen in these sessions, but they are as constantly changing as the weather.

This whole thing makes me really nervous. What if I don’t want to hear any bad news?

These consulting sessions are totally, 100% tailored to you and where you are in life. Everyone’s life has ups and downs, exciting things and not so exciting things. It’s just part of life. The reading does not need to go into the future at all; it can instead focus on where you are at and what you are working on at this time. However, it’s generally not a good idea to ask specific questions about situations if you do not truly want to know what is going on.

Usually people who are afraid of hearing bad news are also people who like their lives the way it already is. If that’s you, that is totally fine – but you may not appreciate a tarot reading.

What qualifications do you have?

Jessica has been reading tarot professionally since 2009. She is a certified Reiki Master, Life Coach, and Angel Card Reader. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences and an ethical intuitive consultant certification.