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Embrace your divine birthright. Become the Priestess.

The priestess is a symbol of power. She is one with the flow of life. She communes with divine energies, she trusts her intuition, and she acts consciously, connecting easily to her inner wisdom. She sees the spiritual and the sacred in the every day and the mundane.

She knows her place in the world- that she is powerful and dynamic.

She may be a business woman, a mother, a friend, an artist, a chef, even a janitor. Her title in the ‘real world’ does not affect what she does, for her power flows where she intends it.

But she didn’t start out this way.

“I was not very confident in my intuitive skills before working with her and now I hardly second guess what I’m picking up on and actually have the confidence to bring these things up with the client or student I’m working with. She’s extremely accurate and uses her intuition along with the readings to give you not only an accurate reading but one filled with helpful advice and guidance. Jessica is one of the top spiritual workers you’ll find anywhere, I put my trust and faith in her wholeheartedly and will never regret this. I urge anyone else to do the same. She’s passionate about what she does and is passionate to help others. She’s an amazing person, intuitive, and teacher.” – Kaylynn Olson

You are here for a reason.

Once upon a time, I was stuck. I was lost. I felt like life was happening to everyone around me, without a chance for me to get a word in edgewise. Everything I touched had the spark of hope and opportunity – before it crashed into disappointment and anguish. It took me years to understand why not everything I touched came to fruition. When I finally got it, the clarity was almost blinding.

Everything you have been through has prepared you for where you are now.

When I was 18, I struggled in physical pain for months with a mystery illness. Doctors took a few looks at me but concluded it wasn’t anything major. My family insisted things were not as bad as they seemed. And I began to believe them. I started to believe it was just in my head.

 I didn’t know who I was when I looked in the mirror. I doubted myself. I felt like a failure. I lost confidence in everything. I hid away from the world.

I thought, of all people, my family would know better than I did. For the first time in my life, I stopped trusting myself.

Underneath it all, one small part of me refused to believe.

One day I went in for surgery. I had been numb for so long, I’d almost forgotten that small part that still believed there was something going on, underneath everything. And then the doctor told me I had endometriosis. I was floored.

I had been right all along.

From that moment on, I started to listen to that small voice, the one that had whispered ‘there’s something else going on here’ through the pain, through the fear, and through the disappointment. And my life has changed. I have changed. Everything has changed.

I started listening to my intuition for other people.

“Oh. My. Goodness. This is so unbelievably accurate. It gives me so much peace, I’m in tears. Thank you so so so so much if I could give you all the money you needed to share your gift with the world I would. I’m just overcome. Thank you.”

“thank you so much. I really mean it, you have no idea how accurate, reassuring, and uplifting that reading was! you truly have a gift.”

“I just read the reading you gave me for the donation and OH MY GOD. I’m about to cry, because it’s so accurate to how I’m feeling right now. Thank you so much for your time and energy.”

The more I listened, the better I got.

The better I got, the more people came to me for help.

I started;

  • connecting people to their spiritual support teams
  • directing people to their life purposes
  • healing deep, limiting energetic rifts in my clients’ energy bodies
  • coaching people to start their dream businesses
  • assisting my clients in making huge but lasting changes

And the more people came to me for help, as I learned how to do more than ‘just a reading’, I realized that I had within me a great wealth of wisdom. I wasn’t just a healer. I wasn’t just a coach.

I had become a priestess.

My role was facilitating deep healing, lasting transformation, and a spiritual foundation for everyone who came to see me.

But here’s the secret.

I can teach you how to do this for yourself.

It’s easier than you might think – as long as you are committed to the change. I wrote this up because I am looking for 4 people who have had similar stories, who are looking to change their lives. People who know deep in their bones that there is something more to this. I need to find women who are done being afraid.

Through our 9 weeks of work, spread through 3 months, four individuals will receive 2 hours per week of instruction, as a group. (If you can’t make the live sessions, don’t worry, they’ll be recorded for you to view later.) We will meet, hold sacred space, share instruction, and practice our techniques on fellow participants, and have opportunities for you to ask extra questions as they come up. You will have a small amount of homework every week.

You’ll also get 3 total hours of private coaching with me – that alone is worth $500 – scheduled outside of our classes.

I’ve been working in this field for 7 years and have helped thousands of people through readings, healing sessions, and through answering questions on my social media platforms.

If you feel like you are meant to be one of these four, and wish to pay in full, your fee is $500. If you need to be on a payment plan, read all the way to the bottom. I could easily sell this program for $2,500 – and I fully intend to, later this year. But I need folks who are willing to try it for a song, share feedback, and give me opportunities to perfect it, before I can share it with the world.

Take control of your life. Become the Priestess.

So I am looking for 4 dedicated, committed people who are serious about transforming their life, and deeply connecting with their intuition, immediately.

Create lasting, immediate change in every aspect of your life.

In our 9 weeks + 2 hours of private coaching together, you will learn how to;

  • Access your intuition and use it to make improvements in your life AND the lives of others around you
  • Perform energy readings for yourself AND OTHERS
  • Connect with your life purpose
  • Work with the energy around you – the energy of nature, the seasons, the moons, etc
  • Meet and work with your spiritual support team of spirit guides and angels
  • Heal yourself and others with universal energy (Reiki) (THIS CERTIFICATION IS EASILY WORTH $300 – $500!)
  • Identify and bust through limitations, negative beliefs or other blocks you may be experiencing
  • And do ALL of these with other people

All of these skills are necessary for the modern priestess who is finding her place in the world.

If you have made it this far, chances are you might be a good fit for the program. (You are reading this for a reason!!)

Ask yourself.. How would your life be different if you knew how to give yourself a reading? How would it be different if you knew how to connect to your spirit guides at ANY TIME? How would your relationships, your job and your life IMPROVE with these skills at your disposal? Here’s how one person has benefitted from my work;

Jessica is not only thorough in her readings – she is personal. I’ve had a good amount of readings done for me on a variety of different topics and Jessica’s style of reading is one of the most engaging and encouraging that I’ve had the pleasure of receiving. Not only was there an in depth explanation about each card drawn during my reading, but also questions and advice from Jessica as both a tarot reader and an empathetic, kind individual.

Jessica makes it easy to understand everything by walking you through each part of the answer to your questions. I personally hadn’t expected such an individualized approach; I’m used to less all encompassing readings where you’re left to do much of your own research about other meanings of the cards. Jessica left no such grey area during my work with her. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the messages and how they interplay, as well as being sensitive to different feelings the querent may downplay or even be subconsciously hiding during the initial discussion of a question. She was able to look between the lines of what I asked for in my reading and help me to see that I wasn’t asking all of the right questions – but she didn’t stop there. Jessica went out of her way to make sure I didn’t feel bad about this oversight, and offered several possible solutions to my unearthed problems.

Overall, my experience with Jessica is one that I would recommend to anyone who should be inclined to intuitive work. To be honest, I’d recommend her to most anyone, even if simply just to talk; I feel she could be a blessing onto many people, much as she was for me.

Your investment today is $500.

If this number feels scary, put your hand over your heart. Take a few deep breaths.

What would it be worth to you to have access to your intuition? How valuable would it be to have the peace of mind and the power of the priestess at your disposal? How much could your life change if you became a priestess?

This is a one-time offer. So, what are you waiting for?

Need a payment plan? You’ll need to make your $200 deposit as soon as possible, to hold your spot. You will then be billed $200 30 days in, and your last $200 60 days in.