Ah… spring. This year, spring feels different. It feels like the first real spring I’ve ever had – the first time where I’ve needed the fresh newness, the feeling of possibilities, the smell of things growing and thriving after months of darkness, cold and restriction.

I’m hip deep in my Priestess training classes and I’m finding that sharing the material, the things that I’ve learned through my journey as a spiritual advisor, is shaking up my own spiritual growth. I was once told by a teacher that something different happens when you teach the material you’ve learned; she suggested that for me, personally, teaching would be especially significant, not only because I had a valuable message to share, but because there’s something energetically powerful about sharing your experience with others. And she was right. I cannot describe the energy that I feel when I gather with my students – a group of wonderfully unique and vibrant women, all committed to their path of priestesshood – for the purpose of united growth and spirituality. There has already been so much healing between all of us, I have a hard time believing we are only about halfway through the program.

Maybe that’s what’s got me thinking this springtime feels different. It’s the first time in my life I have truly embraced my role as a spiritual leader of any sort in all aspects of my life. I resisted it for a while, because I didn’t feel like a twenty-something year old could be a leader. I thought I had to log so many hours in classes, or that I had to earn specific titles, and I was positive I had to lead a certain type of life in order to call myself a leader. (I was convinced I had to be debt-free and live in an eco-friendly house, using only specific products… yeah, I had a little twisted idea of how it should all look to other people.)

But I’m learning – maybe more specifically, I’m being shown – that being a leader isn’t about your title. It’s about how you show up with others. It’s about how you show up for yourself. It’s about how you deal with what life throws at you, and how you share that back with the world. I’m giving myself permission to look back on what I’ve been through and see that it’s all been a tool for my growth; something I’ve shared with others for years, but struggled to accept for myself. And as I’m sharing my experiences with my students, and watching their progress, I feel like I’m finally seeing, on a deep level, how everything has fallen into place.

It’s a good place to be right now.