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Scorpio Full Moon + Free Reading

The only constant in the universe is change.

It’s a little cliche, but… there’s truth to it. Every day something new reveals itself; some aspect of life is shifting, adjusting, releasing.

I’m in the last section of my priestess training class. This month the curriculum comes together for one final, powerful roundup. We’re working on life purposes, channeling, and providing guidance. So, naturally, as I am preparing to teach this, the Universe has given me some new challenges to make sure I’m fresh on my material.

Add in the impending full moon in Scorpio, which brings intense, emotional energy, and Pluto retrograde, which challenges us to dig really, really deep into who we really are — and let’s just say, I’ve been on my toes.

starchild summer picI pulled some cards from my copy of the Starchild tarot to provide some guidance. I’m using the traditional horseshoe spread, with 7 cards. The center card fell out while I was shuffling — and I feel it really tied the whole message together.

First, the Ace of Swords represents the past. I see this card as the card of truth. Often, the truth hurts; but mostly it hurts because we do not want to be aware of certain things. It seems easier to ignore reality and not think about it too much. The Ace of Swords forces us to be aware of our actions, and how seemingly random things come together to lead us in a specific direction. So, we have recently come to a major realization about our lives and what we’ve been through up until this point.

Next the 4 of Cups represents our present outlook. Coming from a revelation, this card says we are still resisting. It’s harder to resist what we know, or what is really going on. It’s much easier instead to think about everything else – the future, the past, even to lose ourselves in our imagination, our goals and our dreams.

Third, Oppression (aka The Devil in other decks) represents hidden factors or influences. This card represents fear and doubt. It reminds us of the power behind our shadow aspects; those strange, unmentionable things that we know are there but don’t talk about. (Are you seeing a theme here?) The darkness loses its power when we accept that having a shadow is part of being connected to the light. It’s natural. But it’s also pervasive. This is something you’re likely experiencing and consciously resisting; it’s like, the thought will cross your mind and you might immediately change gears in an effort to avoid those thoughts.

In the center, the Knight of Wands shows us where we are blocked or what is in our way. This is interesting — the Knight of Wands represents movement and change. It’s saying that everything that’s happening now, around us, is actually what is blocking us and causing static. The energy of this card is also pretty unstable; this is the card I see when people are acting based on instinct, drive, and passion, without a plan or a goal in place. Be aware that acting without conscious intentions in your work right now is causing even more of an issue.

To the right of the center card, the Queen of Crystals (Pentacles) represents the positive influences at your disposal to help offset the blocks at hand. This card represents the necessity of planning, practicality, and dedication. Often the character on this card is a strong, worldly woman, who understands how the world works and how to get along within it without losing herself. She is also very grounded and realistic. Likewise, these skills will be handy to you as you focus on controlling your tendency to act without a plan.

The second to last card is Strength. This one represents the best course of action moving forward. Strength is a pretty self-explanatory card; I offer only that there is a difference between stubbornness and dedication. Where is the line for you? Where would that line need to be in order for you to move through this time in the most productive way?

Last, we are given a glimpse of how things are likely to turn out with the 4 of Wands. This is a great card for respite, for securing a place of rest or growth (like working on your home) – it’s also a chance for celebration of life and connections to what we love about our lives. It’s a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

Ultimately, the next week ahead isn’t likely to be too rough; but there are certain challenges I expect we’ll all be experiencing in our own ways. Keep your head on straight; the Scorpio energy tends to be a little disorienting and upsetting if you are not used to it. The good news is, Scorpio clears out the junk, so new stuff will be right around the corner 🙂


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Gifts of Spring

Ah… spring. This year, spring feels different. It feels like the first real spring I’ve ever had – the first time where I’ve needed the fresh newness, the feeling of possibilities, the smell of things growing and thriving after months of darkness, cold and restriction.

I’m hip deep in my Priestess training classes and I’m finding that sharing the material, the things that I’ve learned through my journey as a spiritual advisor, is shaking up my own spiritual growth. I was once told by a teacher that something different happens when you teach the material you’ve learned; she suggested that for me, personally, teaching would be especially significant, not only because I had a valuable message to share, but because there’s something energetically powerful about sharing your experience with others. And she was right. I cannot describe the energy that I feel when I gather with my students – a group of wonderfully unique and vibrant women, all committed to their path of priestesshood – for the purpose of united growth and spirituality. There has already been so much healing between all of us, I have a hard time believing we are only about halfway through the program.

Maybe that’s what’s got me thinking this springtime feels different. It’s the first time in my life I have truly embraced my role as a spiritual leader of any sort in all aspects of my life. I resisted it for a while, because I didn’t feel like a twenty-something year old could be a leader. I thought I had to log so many hours in classes, or that I had to earn specific titles, and I was positive I had to lead a certain type of life in order to call myself a leader. (I was convinced I had to be debt-free and live in an eco-friendly house, using only specific products… yeah, I had a little twisted idea of how it should all look to other people.)

But I’m learning – maybe more specifically, I’m being shown – that being a leader isn’t about your title. It’s about how you show up with others. It’s about how you show up for yourself. It’s about how you deal with what life throws at you, and how you share that back with the world. I’m giving myself permission to look back on what I’ve been through and see that it’s all been a tool for my growth; something I’ve shared with others for years, but struggled to accept for myself. And as I’m sharing my experiences with my students, and watching their progress, I feel like I’m finally seeing, on a deep level, how everything has fallen into place.

It’s a good place to be right now.

Amazon Gift Card Contest EXTENDED!

Hey all! I am writing this blog post super quick to let everyone know about a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card from me. It’s super easy! I mentioned it in one of the last newsletters I sent. (I haven’t been keeping up with it because of some personal stuff that cropped up.) I originally said I’d announce a winner on March 15th… but then I never advertised it outside of the one newsletter.

SO…. I decided to extend it!

Here’s what you need to do;

  1. You need to have received a reading or other service from me in the last 12 months, AND
  2. You need to fill out this form.

…That’s it!

The more you write, the more chances you’ll have to win. You can also earn another chance to win by leaving a review of your experience with me on my Facebook page, Second Reverie.

(If you haven’t purchased a reading from me in the last 12 months, or if you’re thinking about ordering or booking one now, you’ll need to contact me about that.)

The winner will be selected at random on April 4th, 2015 and the prize will be delivered via email.

Good luck! 😉

Super Bowl Prediction, Anyone?

Disclaimer: I don’t watch football, I have never made a sports prediction before, and I hate doing strictly predictions. But this sounded fun 😉

Yesterday, after a long day of running around and attempting to get things done, I came back to an email from someone from the Huffington Post, asking if I’d be willing to give a prediction on the Super Bowl (even though that’s something I don’t ordinarily do).

Well… why the hell not? So I emailed him back and said I’d love to give it a shot.

I sat down with my trusty Rider-Waite last night and pulled a few cards.

Patriots – The Moon, The fool, Page of Cups
Seahawks – 10 of Pentacles, 6 of Pentacles, 3 of Wands

I predict that the Seahawks will win – they’ll take an early lead and hold strong through the game, while Patriots will waffle back and forth and struggle to capitalize on their opportunities. (They’re just stoked to be AT the Super Bowl.) The score will be Seahawks up at least 6 points at the end of the game; final score 42-10.


Now, let me break it down and explain a bit about why I think this. First of all, the fact that I drew a Major Arcana card for the Patriots and a Minor Arcana card for the Seahawks might have some of us thinking it’s a sure thing for the Patriots. Unfortunately, tarot doesn’t work that way. The Moon symbolizes distortion and confusion. I typically see it suggesting how things look different at night, beneath the light of the moon, as opposed to how we might see it in the daytime. This tells me there’s going to be a lot of confusion, mixed signals, and things going on behind the scenes that are going to lead to more problems. In comparison, the 10 of Pentacles is a card about stability and structure; it represents the result of all the work that has gone before, and it’s a steady, rooted energy. It’s hard to mess with, because it’s so established and it’s so… rooted.

I asked the cards next about what the score will look like, since I was asked to come up with some numbers specifically for the outcome, and I pulled the Fool for the Patriots and the 6 of Pentacles for the Seahawks. To me, the Fool is a big fat zero – but I know enough about football to know it’s unlikely either team will score 0. I think the Patriots will get some lucky plays, but ultimately their score will remain low. On the other hand, the 6 of Pentacles seems like the Seahawks will have plenty of points; I’d be surprised if they didn’t maintain a steady 6 point lead throughout the game.

Lastly, I pulled cards to represent how the game will go for each team. The Page of Cups for the Patriots suggests they’ll have a lot of opportunities to make points, but that they’re likely going to be too emotionally invested to capitalize like they need to. They also might have some petty disagreements within the team, as this card also comes up for folks who are indecisive and struggle to take responsibility for themselves. I haven’t looked at any information about how either team plays, so I have no idea if they tend to function well under pressure or not – this is just what I’m seeing within the cards thus far.

The 3 of Wands that I drew for the Seahawks suggests that they have a plan, and they’ve got their eyes on the prize. They have put in the work and they’re ready to take action. They’re also going to be a bit more flexible than the Patriots; whereas I feel like the Patriots might jump on every opportunity they’re given, the Seahawks are going to be a lot more discerning about what they do and why. I feel they’ll take an early lead because of this.

Past that… No idea! I’m just going to be around for the food and the commercials. 😉 This was fun!

Fellow tarot readers, have you made any predictions about the game? What do you think will happen?

Reflecting on 2014

Me, my husband, and our closest friends on his graduation day.

Me, my husband, and our closest friends on his graduation day.

The New Year always makes me want to look back on the previous year. But this year, that process of looking back was painful. It was so painful, I resisted doing it for a long time.

Here’s what I went through in 2014:

  • I started the year days after suffering a miscarriage. I was barely 5 weeks pregnant.
  • I found out about 3 weeks later I was pregnant again (much to everyone’s surprise, even my doctor’s!)
  • I finally bought the vehicle of my dreams <3
  • My husband graduated from college, after many, many years of trying to get back to school to finish what he started before we met.
  • A week after the graduation ceremony, at roughly 20 weeks, I lost the second pregnancy.
I am right around 18 weeks pregnant in this picture.

I am right around 18 weeks pregnant in this picture.

  • A month after I returned to work, I lost the job that had supported me and my husband while he was in school full time and not working. Even though we had always planned for me to eventually leave that job (partially due to the insane amount of stress & harassment I dealt with there), the job loss was a terribly timed blow.
  • The day after I lost my job, I was diagnosed with post-partum depression. (I had been suffering for weeks before realizing I could have PPD.) Had I been able to make a trip to my doctor’s office any earlier, I could have qualified for medical leave and kept my job.
  • Even though I was not ready to go back to work, I spent all summer looking for a replacement job.
  • I finally started making headway with building Second Reverie. It feels right; it feels fresh.
  • Our living situation imploded; my husband was offered a job in his hometown. In two weeks, we moved, and ended up staying with my in-laws.
  • Hubby’s job ended up being not nearly what they promised it would be, and he leaves after being offered another, higher paying job. It takes him 3 weeks to start there.
  • I looked and looked and looked for a part time job.
  • Around Christmas, the onslaught began to lighten up. We felt like we had room to breathe again.
  • The laptop of my dreams showed up as a gift – so I can really take my business on the road and get things done at coffee shops, libraries, and even in the car.
  • I slugged out my first book. Ever.
  • Miraculously, I found a place that I can afford to rent for my office. The year ended on a slightly hopeful note.
Driving to the grocery store the day after I came home from the hospital, I silently asked if the spirit of our baby was with us. "I am with you always" by Killswitch Engage came on the radio 30 seconds after. These are keychains of the lyrics that my husband found a few weeks later.

Driving to the grocery store the day after I came home from the hospital, I silently asked if the spirit of our baby was with us. “I am with you always” by Killswitch Engage came on the radio 30 seconds after. These are keychains of the lyrics that my husband found a few weeks later.

I have been through so much in the last 14 months… I spent so much of January trying to process everything I have been through. And yet, I have learned so much more about myself this year. I learned that I am strong. I learned that, even in the face of the hardest things I have ever gone through, I can still be compassionate towards others and take responsibility for my own emotions. I learned that I can get s*** done when I need to. I learned that I can make friends anywhere I go. And… I learned how new beginnings often come from painful, challenging endings.

I can now look back and start to make sense of what I have gone through. Every day I heal a little more, and every day I make a little more progress. <3

Here’s to a fruitful 2015.

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{Lunar forecast} Full Moon in Gemini

I’m constantly asked for tips and tricks to maximize productivity and engage better with the energy around us. One of my favorite (and easiest) things to do is to keep track of the phases of the moon and plan around them accordingly.  So, I decided to share my insight on the moon phases every month in this new segment called {Lunar Forecast}. Make sure you’re subscribed to my posts so you get all of them!

And as a special for my subscribers, you’ll be the first to get a sneak peek at my new workbook for 2015! Here’s a hint; it’s about working with the moon. But enough about me, let’s talk about the energy this week.

December tends to have a lot of energy already as we are winding down the year, recovering from Thanksgiving and getting ready for the holiday season. (Have you finished your shopping yet?) The first weekend of December is host to the Full Moon in Gemini, which rolls into full effect on Saturday, December 6th. This full moon is a good time to;

  • resolve anything that requires thoughtful, sensitive communication (like that awkward family drama you might run into during the holidays)
  • put on your game face – ’tis the season for parties and social gatherings. Take some extra time to tailor your external appearance so you feel great when you head out into the world.
  • Check in with everything you’ve planned, and make sure everything is still on schedule. You may need to reorganize some things, but you’ll appreciate the flexibility later.
  • Stay on top of your finances. It’s very, very easy to lose track of our budgets this time of year – I know I have been known to go on major sprees because I just love treating my friends and loved ones. Make sure you know where your money is going and why.
  • Lastly, let yourself engage in some holiday cheer and renew connections with loved ones. Despite a lot of the problems going on in the world or in anyone’s life at any given time, there ARE things to celebrate and be grateful for.

lunar flowI also learned a lot about working with the moon through trial and error. If you’re interested in learning more about working with the moon, check out Moondaughter‘s Lunar Flow course here. For extra umph, become a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner. (The course is awesome! AND reasonably priced!)

Here’s hoping you have a fantastic weekend,


Are you curious about what I do?

It’s recently come to my attention that although I talk about tarot and my readings fairly casually on my Facebook page… a lot of people are scared to talk to me on Facebook about them! So I decided to write this up to help answer a lot of the common questions I get asked awkwardly while I’m at the post office, in line at the bank, or picking up groceries.

The first thing you need to know is that every tarot reader is different. Some of us have traditional psychology training, some of us have a background in education (there are even a few out there who have medical training) – and some of us are self-taught and perform readings just because we enjoy them.

My background is in intuitive development, energy work, and spiritual counseling. I approach readings as sessions for you to hear what you most need to hear, from an unbiased source. You do not need to be any specific religion in order to gain from a reading; just an open mind and a desire to be present in your own life.

The second thing you need to know is that I have changed lives through doing this work. I don’t say this to convince you (because if you’re not interested in this, I don’t want to waste your time) but to make it clear just how significant this work can be. If you are REALLY ready for a change, you will see dramatic results after a reading from me. I always have people telling me how accurate, uplifting, and empowering my readings are. Check out what people are saying on this page.

If you are feeling lost, directionless, perhaps even hopeless, and unsure of what you should even be focusing on in your life, you might be surprised what you get in a reading from me.

Intuitive readings (with tarot or oracle cards) are NOT devil worship or even dangerous in any way. I’m an ordained minister and use my readings to provide spiritual guidance, and that’s how I’ve conducted readings for going on 5 years now. When you seek me out for a session, I consult the cards to see what you most need to hear at the time. My goal is to provide people with options they can pick between, so that they have a better idea of what they are getting into. Think of it as a counseling session with someone who can tap into your gifts, your life purpose, and your baggage, all at once. It’s ultimately about me meeting you, where you are currently at, and providing you with information so you can make the best choices for YOUR life and what you want. (And sometimes, it’s about hearing things you’ve needed to hear, so you can move forward.)

“I’m blown away by the amount of work that went into this! Not only is it more detailed than I ever imagined, but it really does feel like a counseling session as much as a tarot reading and I don’t think I realized how much I needed that until I got it, haha, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Your future is NOT set in stone. Getting a tarot reading doesn’t mean you get a play-by-play script of what’s going to happen. It’s more like a weather forecast. I can tell you the likely trends based on choices you’ve already made, and point out areas that you can make changes, if you don’t like what you’re coming up to. The majority of my readings end up focusing on spiritual empowerment and acknowledging what you’ve been going through. (So basically affirming that you’re on the right track, that you are aware of the right things, that YES, that IS a sign, etc.) It can, however, help you see a potential pitfall and correct your course accordingly.

edits4While readings are a fantastic tool for helping you make important decisions, I am not the sort of reader who will tell you what you want to hear, just because you think that’s what you should hear. Essentially, don’t come to me if you only want to hear me say XYZ. You will be SADLY disappointed, and perhaps even angry with me. Readings are an opportunity for you to connect with your sense of higher power (the Universe, God, etc) and get a little clarity on your journey. If you just want me to commiserate with you about how awful your life is or how mean other people are, and not encourage you to do anything about it, your time would be better spent in a vent session with a trusted friend.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at, and you’re also free to browse through what others have said about working with me

3 Ways To Care For The Heart-Centered Solopreneur In Your Life

The word solopreneur has become extremely popular over the last few years, as more and more people are taking to the internet and building online businesses single-handedly. defines this term as someone who owns and runs their business on their own. That means we’re the CEO, the secretary, the consultant, the salesperson… AND the janitor. All in one.

behind cardsFor me, being a solopreneur came about through understanding that I had a gift with tarot, and that, more importantly, I wanted to be in a career where I was helping people. I knew it would be hard; I knew other people would scoff at me. But I really remember how powerful my desire was to turn this into a real thing.

Lately, though, I’ve started to realize that not everyone sees running a biz from home as a legit career choice. I sat with some comments I’d received and realized that I had someone model the entrepreneurial spirit when I was young. It’s not a story about going from rags to riches, but it is a story of how dedication pays off. A piece of software my dad spent years developing (after teaching himself how to do computer programming) ended up being purchased by a company that is now a major secure telecommunications company in the United States. Because of my parents’ team effort, I never once thought to doubt myself and my efforts to do my own thing.

Chances are pretty high that you have a solopreneur in your life. Sometimes these individuals get a bad rap because it’s hard for everyone else to see what they’re doing. But here are a few suggestions you can utilize this at any time to help your relationship with any solopreneur you may know.

Know that working or living in our pajamas, yoga pants, or sweats, isn’t about proving how grungy we can be – it’s that we’ve shifted our energy into work, and sometimes our appearances suffer. Some of us are changing lives by working away in our sweats and chuckling through our messy hair. It’s not a fashion statement (and not an excuse to make sarcastic comments about how sloppy we’ve become); it’s because sometimes, our energy goes first to our projects, to our clients, or to our frustrating technology, before it goes to making sure our looks are magazine worthy. Instead: ask your solopreneur what their latest hot project is about, or how many hours they’ve logged on it.

Expressing jealousy because we have ‘every day off’ is not a compliment. It really just shows us that you think we sit around all day, doing whatever we feel like. Plus, if we work from home, we rarely get away from our work. We love that you think we make it look easy, but we are really working our butts off. (And we might be wondering if we are losing our sanity in the process.) Instead: ask your solopreneur what their schedule looks like if you’d like some of their time. They are usually willing to fit you into your schedule, especially if you acknowledge that there’s more going on behind the scenes.

Understand that we are prone to dropping the ball on relationships and events. About once a year I hit a phase where I can barely take care of myself. I usually end up taking a couple of weeks off to get some R&R but during that time I have little to no energy to share around, doing my laundry or catching up with loved ones. Part of it is because of how I do my business (I definitely burn the candle at both ends), and part of it is because the nature of the work I do is so personal and intimate with others. Instead of calling them out: ask your solopreneur when they last had a day off or did something for themselves. We’re very likely to lump working on our dream in the same category as self care, but it’s still hard work!

You might not always know what the solopreneur in your life is really up to (and you might not even believe in what they do!) but you don’t need to know all those details to support them. A little acknowledgment and understanding goes a long way.

October’s Mercury Retrograde

It's that time of year again!

It’s that time of year again! (Good news, though, it’s the last one of 2014.)

Sometimes Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap, but there ARE good things that can come out of it. Note that Mercury doesn’t officially go retrograde until the 4th but depending on what sign you are and where Mercury is in your chart, you might already be feeling this shift. It will go direct on October 25th.

Mercury rules communication, and when it’s retrograde, it essentially means that anything in the realm of communication is likely to encounter some static. And yet, it’s a necessary thing. You know how most people sleep around 8 hours a day? That’s 1/3rd of the day; Mercury tends to be retrograde about 1/3rd of the year. SO. Not taking a break during this time is the equivalent of skipping your sleep time. Especially if you’re a water sign!

One other thing to point out is this time, in October of 2014, Mercury’s going retrograde through Scorpio, which is an intense energy. So you may have hiccups that require you to dig a little deeper into yourself, and that can sometimes rub some raw wounds. In addition to all of that, October IS a spiritually sensitive time anyway, especially for folks who practice witchcraft or do any sort of witchery. This is a REALLY good time to be doing spellwork or any sort of ritual for healing long-carried burdens or deep wounds.

Okay, so, good things to do during Mercury RX;

  • (preferably before) BACK UP YOUR STUFF. You will probably lose a file or two during this transition.
  • rest! take a break! take a long bath, treat yourself to PLENTY of alone time as necessary, and don’t be afraid to say no and stay indoors.
  • reflect on plans you’ve made, how you’re doing in progress of those plans, also reflect on what you want to do yet in 2014
  • rearrange your schedule! there will likely be some delays and missteps with Mercury anyway, so try to be flexible with your time.
  • release! as you are reflecting and resting, if you feel the need to let some stuff go, now is a PERFECT time to do it. it could also be a good time to do banishing magic or anything cleansing. get rid of that stagnate, pent up energy.
  • write down any divinations you do for yourself. they will probably be a little foggy during this time, but writing them down allows you to come back and see what makes sense later.
  • reminisce. allow yourself to go back through old picture books, old music, or catch up with old friends.
    keep in mind some people will have short tempers; try to take an extra breath before responding to crap.

Check back in next week to see a releasing ritual you can use for this Mercury Retrograde!

Launch Special

I’m SO excited about my new website and I want to share that with all of you by offering something I’ve NEVER done before. I’m giving a $25 discount on the biggest, best reading I offer – the Life Spread reading.

This is a HUUUUUGE reading! It constitutes an average of 3,000 words and covers all the major launchspecialJuly14areas of your life – work, home, love, AND stuff you need to know for the future. This is the most popular reading I offer on my blog and I have countless clients who come back to me, year after year, just for this reading.

It covers so much information, every single person who has purchased this reading has told me that the more time passes, the more accurate the reading proves. This reading becomes more like a guide for the biggest spots over the next year and is invaluable for those who recognize it.

I have never offered a discount on this reading before… so if you are interested in getting one for yourself, now is an awesome time to try it out! I’m only offering this discount through Tuesday, July 15th.

“This was very accurate for me and very insightful. Some of it had me laughing as I was reading it, but of course I mean that in a good way :) Some of the things in the reading were things I’ve actually been thinking about the last few days and it’s quite amusing. Thank you for doing this reading for me and as always you are incredibly accurate! This was very helpful.”

Click below to purchase your own Life Spread Reading for $75;

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